Using GPRS tracking system on mobile phone. Recovery towing truck reaches the precise client’s location in a short time period. Without the need to call or describe locations.

Recovery UAE provides all different kind of towing trucks. Flatbed towing truck; is used to tow cars with low road clearance, (sport cars, luxury cars) Integrated towing truck; Used to recover light and medium size vehicles. Using a winch that will elevate the car to the top of the Truck and secure it during the full journey. Also Integrated Towing truck can transport motorbikes and damaged accident cars.

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Mobile App Reco

Recovery UAE app bridges the gap between the customers and vehicle service providers with afordable rates and wide range of roadside assistance services. We are just one click away.

Wide Network of Service Providers

With a fleet size of more than 200 plus roadside assistance vehicles on-board in the UAE, you will be serviced and bring you to the nearest service provider according to your need.

Availability 24/7 Help

Our 24/7 roadside assistance service makes sure that you well accommodated throughout the day. We also have a 24/7 state of the art call center which speaks English Urdu and Hindi.

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