ShortListDubai – UAE based app to make roadside assistance and recovery easier

ShortListDubai – UAE based app to make roadside assistance and recovery easier

There’s nothing like the panicked feeling you get when you find yourself stranded on the side of Sheikh Zayed Road because you decided to skip the morning petrol rush or worse when you find yourself stuck in desert with a flat battery… luckily, there’s now an app that will make this an experience of the past.

Recovery, the region’s latest transport app was created by Dubai entrepreneur and executive director of Bonyan Holding Ahmad Janahi with one mission in mind; to put everything in one app and make people’s lives easier when dealing with such situations.

The app which was launched in the region on both Android and iOS devices this past Friday has two main services; recovery and roadside assistance. The former allows you to specify what type of service is required, it can range from a simple recovery to being stuck in the desert while the latter can be used for services such as flat tyres, fuel and battery replacement.

Once you’ve selected your desired service, you can then chose to pay with cash or card. Customers who have signed with Recovery’s partnering insurance companies can enjoy the services for free.

Recovery has 24×7 availability, a fleet of over 200 vehicles and a large network of partners such as QuickPit, BattMobile and 800Flat.

Speaking on the app Janahi told regional newspaper Khaleej Times that: “Recovery is like the Uber or Careem of roadside assistance – all drivers will be available and the one nearest will come to you, and you don’t need to call or book for service.”

He added: “From waiting time to service costs, and even the language barrier in certain situations, Recovery solves all these problems.”

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